sexta-feira, 30 de novembro de 2007

Música do BioTerra: Xmal Deutschland- "I´ll be Near You" e a seguir "Polarlicht"

"I'll Be Near You "

Now you've gone away and I am left behind
I won't ask you to take me along
But when you turn this crystal in your hand
You call me
Wherever you stay - I'll be around
I'll watch every move you make night and day
I'll be there - whatever you do
Just call me

I will be near you - wherever you are
I will be near you
I'll walk beside you - wherever you go
I will be near you

When you close your eyes
And try to touch my mind
I'll be the vision and voice that you hear
I'll be a part of all the things you see
Just call me
Wherever you stay - whatever you do
I'll be the spirit of all the steps you take
Just hold this crystal in your hand
And call me


Polarlicht Polarlicht Polarlicht
Scheine scheine...

Von Alaska bis Kiruna
Von Alaska bis Kiruna
Scheine scheine...

Sturm zwischen den Sternen
Fackeln am Horizont !
Brenne brenne...
Aura am Nachthimmel

(Tänzer am firmament)
Scheine scheine...

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