segunda-feira, 25 de setembro de 2006

INSCRIRE- Inscrever os Direitos Humanos em Espaços Públicos


An international network of art projects in public spaces in cities and villages around the world: Paris, Brussels, Haïfa, Lisbon, Stockholm, Berlin, Bremen, Coventry, Rio de Janeiro, New York, Serpa, Alcabideche, Porto, etc…

The INSCRIRE Organization
Who we are and what we do

Inscrire is a non profit organization that works with local populations in communities throughout the European Union and the world to conceive and create artistic works and events which highlight human rights principles and cultural diversity, and spark discussion and reflection about both.

Because Inscrire collaborates with local individuals and institutions, the result achieved is a unique expression of the principles of human rights reflecting the values and diversity of the each community. The Inscrire projects raise the awareness of both residents and vistors to the fundamental importance of, and challenges facing, human rights, in their communities and around the globe.

project in the favela of Providencia in Rio de Janeiro

Our Mission

The mission of Inscrire is to work with local populations in cities and villages around the world to create permanent artistic works in public spaces that will

* raise awareness about fundamental human rights;

* renew public gathering places, or create such places where none have existed before; and

* offer craft-oriented training and work skills to underprivileged individuals.

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