terça-feira, 20 de abril de 2010

Imagens e vídeos da acção da Greenpeace: autocarro por uma Europa Livre de Transgénicos

On April 17th, 15,000 people gathered in the center of Madrid, calling the Spanish government which currently holds the EU Presidency for a GE-free future. This event marked the end of our GE-free future bus tour in the EU. Over the last few weeks, the bus, starting from Luxembourg, has passed several EU countries, calling for a moratorium on GE cultivation, and gathering signatures online and offline, as well as organising on Facebook. So far, over half a million people have called for this moratorium, alongside Greenpeace, Avaaz, and several other NGOs.


The tour was marked by several actions calling on governments to stand for the moratorium - the last one taking place in Spain, of course:

Finally, the GE-free future bus tour culminated in the rally in Madrid yesterday. Below is a selection of photos:

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Alternative Nation disse...

Com grande satisfação para todos nós, a Acção contra o Ministério do Ambiente e a Manifestação de 17 de Abril também contou com a presença de Voluntários da Greenpeace Portugal.