domingo, 16 de fevereiro de 2014

Put your dreams ON - Põe os teus sonhos ON

Christina Pluhar/Pozzi L'Arpeggiata - Cantata sopra il Passacaglio 

English Translation:Thus, with blood streaming from my eyes, my strength abandons meMine is infinite suffering: I feel in the terror of my soulthat my first sigh will also be the lastSo I beg for mercy, I confess to the amorous ardourthat my heart, alas, has felt too often.My first sin was to worship a proud idol,not a woman, but a hard, cruel stone.I confess that persistently I fed that flameand called the terrible suffering of its unrequitedness bliss.And I turned to a face that was indeed sweet, but I hid my thoughts.I confess that I took to despising lifeand envied him who lived from day to day.My eyes, ardent and too intent, stole the goldof her hair and the brightness of that fair countenance. I thought her serpent's face was like the flowers of ParadiseOften fervently I desired her body, her unsilled breasts, her hands as white as milk.Now, (Love,) I beg you piteously, that you may plead with her beloved eyes: for if she listened to you once, I could leave the purgatory of my tears, and rise to the heaven of the most blissful lovers. 

As obras de arte deste video são sobretudo da arte Oaxaca e Zapatista entre outros pintores como Dewey, Hopper, etc

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