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James Balog- um fotógrafo ecocopacifista

Biografia e Prémios
1952 Nascimento
1974 BA (cum laude): Boston College
1977 MA: University of Colorado
1990 Art Directors Cub, Germany, Gold Medal
1990 Leica Medal of Excellence for Photographic Books
1991 Graphis Magazine Photography Annual, Primeiro lugar
1994 Arts and Humanities Assembly of Boulder (CO), project grant
1995 Art Directors Cub, Germany, Medalha de Ouro
1995 Colorado Council for the Arts, CoVisions Project Grant
1996 World Press Photo Competition, Primeiro lugar
1998 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, Menção Honrosa
2000 Alfred Eisenstaedt Award, Runner-up
2001 Communication Arts Award of Excellence

Brooklyn Museum
California Museum of Photography
Chrysler Museum
Corcoran Gallery
Denver Art Museum
Forbes Collection
International Center of Photography
Gilman Paper Company
Kaiser Permanente

Principais Exibições
2002 Photography: Here and Now, Cornell DeWitt Gallery, New York (group)
2000 Significant Other, Photographic Resource Center, Boston (group)
2000 Andrew Smith Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (solo)
2000 Robert Klein Gallery, Boston (solo)
1999 Photographic Image Gallery, Portland, OR (solo)
1999 Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, CO (solo)
1999 Under/Exposed, Stockholm (group)
1998 The Pictures of Texas Monthly: Twenty-Five Years, Lyndon Baines Johnson Library and Museum, Austin, TX (group)
1998 Egypt of the Mind, Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO (group)
1998 Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Banff, Alberta, Canada (solo)
1997 Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, FL (solo)
1997 Animal Instincts, Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago (group)
1996 20/20 Vision, Arvada Center, Arvada, CO (group)
1996 Animal Magnetism, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL (group)
1996 University of Missouri, St. Louis, MO (solo)
1995 Alternative Museum, New York (solo)
1995 Ten,Robert Mann Gallery, New York (group)
1995 The Great Apes, MIT Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, MA (group)
1994 Centre Nationale de la Photographie at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (group)
1994 Mediterranean Center of Photography, Skopelos, Greece (solo)
1994 Boulder Arts Center, Boulder, CO (solo)
1994 Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago, IL (solo)
1994 Scheinbaum/Russek Gallery, Santa Fe, NM (solo)
1993 Vision Gallery, San Francisco, CA (solo)
1993 Galerie Municipale du Chateau d’Eau, Toulouse, France (solo)
1993 From Destruction to Reclamation, Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem, NC (group)
1992 Picturing Paradise: Art and the Rainforests, Fernbank Museum, Atlanta, GA (group)
1992 Masterworks from the Collection, Orlando Museum of Art, FL (group)
1992 Centre Nationale d’Art Contemporain, Grenoble, France (solo)
1992 Imagina, Almediterranea ‘92, Almeria, Spain (solo)
1992 Chrysler Museum, Norfolk, VA (solo)
1992 Norton Museum of Fine Arts, Palm Beach, FL (solo)
1992 Burke Museum, Seattle, WA (solo)
1992 Jackson Fine Arts, Atlanta, GA (solo)
1992 Woodson Museum, Wausau, WI (solo)

Livros publicados
1999 Animal, Graphis, Inc, (NewYork)
1996 James Balog’s Animals A to Z, Chronicle (San Francisco)
1994 Survivors of Eden, Mediterranean Centre of Photography, Skopelos, Greece
1994 Animals, A.D. Coleman, Chronicle Books (San Francisco)
1993 Anima, Arts Alternative Press (Boulder, CO)
1990 Survivors: A New Vision of Endangered Wildlife, Harry N. Abrams (New York)
1984 Wildlife Requiem, International Center of Photography (New York)

Página de James Balog Antiga
Página Oficial Actual: James Balog

Inside the BC Studio with James Balog (vídeo entrevista por Robert Klein, 63 minutos)

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