quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

Como ver todas as crateras de meteoritos no Google Earth (instruções em Inglês)

Over the last few millions of years the Earth has had quite a few impacts from meteors, asteroids, and maybe even pieces of comets. Scientists have confirmed 172 locations on the Earth determined to be “impact structures”. In fact, the leading theory for the mass extinction of many animals, including the dinosaurs, 65.5 million years ago was an impact crater known as the “Chicxulub crater”. These locations have been documented in a database available at the Earth Impact Database.
Thinklemon.com has taken the Impact Database and created Google Earth network links (he gets extra points for this) which not only shows the location of the 172 impacts, but shows a size indicator for the larger ones and provides links to Wikipedia articles and other information in the descriptions. He has organized the list by major continents and also includes a list of the top 25. Here is his announcement with his links, or you can download the entire collection now.

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