domingo, 2 de outubro de 2022

Música do BioTerra: Ministry - Disinformation

“I rebel; therefore I exist.” ― Albert Camus

As misinformation and so called fake news
Continues to be rapidly distributed on the internet
Our reality has become increasingly shaped by false information

Fake news
False and fake
Fake news (fake news)

The truth is hiding and the world is unstable
This situation never turns out well (not well)
It's still alive, but we're living in a fable (in a fable)
Ignore the truth, embrace the hell

Welcome to hell

Fake news
Falsе and fake

The new normal, a taste of what's ahead (ahead)
The human race probably won't survive (survive)
We can't go back 'cause the past is dead
We can't go forward 'cause we're buried alive

A cancer that spreads
They control your head

This stuff is dangerous
Disinformation has infiltrated our government

We're all stuck in a dystopian bubble
We're all fucked if science is a lie
You ask me, humanity's in trouble (In trouble)
So kiss your ass goodbye

Fake news
False and fake

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