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Beddington Zero Energy Development, Londres - Comunidades Sustentáveis

Sítio Oficial dos Projectistas peabody


Sustainable Development Commission

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BedZED awards:
March 2004 Civic Trust sustainability award
November 2003 Office of the Deputy Prime Minster Award for sustainable communities – BedZED was short listed with 3 other projects.
October 2003 Stirling Prize – BedZED was short listed for this prestigious, national architecture award.
October 2003 RIBA journal sustainability award – BedZED, winner.
July 2003 Housing Design Awards – BedZED won a Completed Scheme award.
December 2002 World Habitat Awards – BedZED was a finalist.
February 2002 Energy Globe Award – international award recognising BedZED as the foremost example of sustainable energy in building and housing.
2002 Building Services Award forinnovation.
December 2001 UK Solar Awards, run by Energy 21 perhaps the most influential of all housing projects this century.
June 2001 Housing Design Award for sustainability, from the Royal Instituteof British Architects.

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