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O livro da esperança: The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy

The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy
Handbook of Sustainability Literary
The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy: multimedia version. Edited by Poppy Villiers-Stuart and Arran Stibbe
You can browse this online resource by chapters from the paperback, additional chapters as well as Video interviews.
In this ground-breaking book, leading sustainability educators are joined by literary critics, permaculturalists, ecologists, artists, journalists, engineers, mathematicians and philosophers in a deep reflection on the skills people need to survive and thrive in the challenging conditions of the 21st century. Responding to the threats of climate change, peak oil, resource depletion, economic uncertainty and energy insecurity demands the utmost in creativity, ingenuity and new ways of thinking in order to reinvent both self and society. The book covers a wide range of skills and attributes from technology appraisal to ecological intelligence, and includes active learning exercises to help develop those skills.
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Um livro que recoloca os conceitos tão simples como ser verde, sustentabilidade, ecologista; um guia muito prático, intenso em ideias-chave, redes de conceitos, reflexões, numa multitude de meios, num esforço formidável de educação, treino, accurancy e preparação para uma cidadania mais justa e (forçosamente muito) exigente para 2010 e nos próximos anos.

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