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Compilação de conflitos armados e impactes ambientais

Data till 1997. Many links now are broken, however you may find by googling a little. Sorry.

NILE Nile and Conflict , by Michele Ameri
ERITREA Eritrea and Ethiopian Civil War , by Tracy L. Cousin
SUDAN Civil War in the Sudan: Resources or Religion? , by D. Michelle Domke
MURUROA French Nuclear Tests in South Pacific , by Tish Falco
PERECWAR Peru Ecuador Border Dispute , by Jeffrey Franco
JORDAN Jordan River Dispute, by Lilach Grunfeld
CODWAR Cod Dispute Between Iceland and the United Kingdom, by David Kassebaum
KURILE Kurile Islands Dispute
KUWAIT Environmental and Economic Repercussions of the Persian Gulf War on Kuwait, by Melissa Krupa
NAGORNO Nagorno War and Armenian Deforestation, by Kathy Lalazarian
KALIMAN Ethnic Conflict and Deforestation in Kalimantan, Indonesia , by Dianne Linder
BELIZE Belize Logging Conflict, by Juliet Litterer
CHIAPAS Chiapas Civil War and Environment, by Amanda Marx
LITANI Litani River and Israel-Lebanon, by Angela Joy Moss
PETEN Guatemala-Maya Civil War and Deforestation, by Barbara Pando
FALK The Falklands/Malvinas Conflict and Oil, by Sebastian Pawlowski
IRNUKE Russian Sale of Nuclear Weapons to Iran, by Tracey Pratt (May 5, 1997)
AOZOU The Aozou Strip, Uranium and Libya-Chad Conflict, by Michael E. Pukrop (Spring, 1997)
JOHNS Johnston Atoll Chemical Waste, (May, 1997)
ASSYRIA Nebuchadnezzer's Defense of Babylon, by David Kassebaum
SPRATLY Spratly Islands Dispute and Oil, by Jay Krasnow (May, 1997)
ELSALV El Salvador Civil War, by Stephanie Weinberg, (May, 1997)
RWANDA Rwanda and Conflict, by Tara Mitchell (Spring 1997)
SAHARA Sahara Dispute and Environment, by Shari Berke (Summer 1997)
DANUBE Danube River Dispute, with materials from Jerry Fortunato, Kevin Kurland, Leslie Barcus, and Tara Mitchell (Spring, 1997)
TUPAC Tupac Amaru, Deforestation and Peru, Julissa Castellanos (January, 1998)
NIGER Fulani and Zarma tribes pushed into fights by Desertification?: Desertification in Niger, by Andrew H. Furber (June, 1997)
DIAOYU Diaoyutai Islands Dispute, by Cheng-China Huang (June, 1997)
SUBIC Toxic Waste in the U.S. Base in Subic, by Misa Kemmiya (Summer, 1997)
ANGOLA Angola Diamond Mining and War, by Lloyd R. Lewis III (June 14, 1997)
POACH Revisiting the Ban on African Elephant Ivory, N. Lowery (December, 1997)
SOCCER Soccer War, by Danielle Morello (June, 1997)
USSURI Sino-Soviet Amur Conflict, by Julianna Peresvetova (January, 1998)
VIETNAM Vietnam and Herbicides, by Hang Pham (Summer 1997)
ARSENAL Arsenal Base Clean-Up, Brian Shannon (Summer 1997) ICE Cases, December, 1997
ALASKA The United States-Canada Border Dispute, by Karen E. Smith
RUSSSUB Komsomolets Disaster, by Vincent Bonner
WALL The Great Wall of China, by Damian Zimmerman
BOERWAR Anglo-Boer: Britain's Vietnam (1899-1902), by Tracy L. Cousin
AEGEAN Disputing the Continental Shelf Region in the Aegean Sea, by Chip Arvantides
GRAINWAR Intellectual Property Rights & Biotechnology: Indian Seed Conflicts
BRAZMIGR Brazilian Migration to Amazon and the Environment Consequences, by Elizabeth Crittenden
BIAFRA The Biafra War, by Karen Ekpenyong
GAZA Water and Conflict in the Gaza Strip, by Stephanie Goeller, (January, 1998)
HORMUZ The Strait of Hormuz: Potential for Conflict, by Christopher Hoch, (January, 1998)
KIKUYU Ethnic Cleansing and the Environment in Kenya, by Doug Jacobsen, (January, 1998)
BUFFALO The Buffalo Harvest, by Dina Lehman (December 18,1997)
CHACO The Chaco War, by Ryan Lindsay (January, 1998)(Award Winner)
MORSPAIN Morocco, Spain and Fishing, by Jeremy Martin(January, 1998)
NOVALYA Novalya Zemlya, by Carrie McVicker (January, 1998)
CHILEDAM The Bio-Bio River Case, Chile, by Carl Meachum (January, 1998)
DMZ Korean Demilitarized Zone as a Bioreserve, by Nichole Neufeld (January, 1998)
CAUVERY Cauvery Water Dispute, by Alisa Pereria (January, 1998)
HAITIDEF Deforestation in Haiti, by Kristen Picariello (December 18, 1997)
GUYANA Gold and Native Rights (Venezuela), by Colleen Reed (November, 1997)
LESWATER The Lesotho "Water Coup", by Alex Roney (November, 1997)
BRONZE Bronze Trade in Ancient Rome, Recycling and War (Cross Link to TED case 224), by Brian K. Schwab (June 1995)
KORFAMIN North Korea Famine, by Jennifer S. Wolfe (January, 1998)
CEDARS Cedars of Lebanon, Babylon and Conflict, by Ben Kasoff
MARSH Marsh Arabs & Iraq, by Robert Cohen (November, 1997)
GUANO Guano Wars of the 1800s, by Jim Lee and Casey Quan
CANFISH Canada and Spain Fish Conflict (Parallel TED Case UKCOD), by James Bensler
KHMER Khmer Rouge and Wood Exports (November, 1997)
OGONIOIL Ogoni and Nigeria conflict over Oil, by Jim Lee, Kerstin Moesinger and Amy Maglio ICE Cases, May, 1998
SOMWASTE Somalia Waste Imports and Civil War (TED Cross List), by Michael Poaletta
LEBWASTE Lebanon Civil War and Waste Dumping (TED Cross List), by Sawsan Al-Ali
CANFISH Canada and Spain Fish Conflict (Parallel TED Cross Lists), by James Bensler
JAYAMINE Irian Jaya Mine (TED Cross List), by James Lang
ARALSEA Aral Sea, Environment and Security Issues (TED Cross List)
COCAINE Cocaine, Environment and Conflict, (TED Cross List), by Carl Scott and Deborah M. Ullmer
BLUENILE Nile River Dispute, by Heather Hamilton
SERBSANC Serbia Sanctions and Economic Impact (TED Cross List), by Jeff Lynch
YALU The Yalu River and its Security Implications for China, by Dong Jun Na (May, 1998)
IRANIRAQ Iran-Iraq War and Waterway Claims, by Brad Martsching (May, 1998)
SOMWAR Somalia: The Fallen Country, by Tracey L. Cousin
WESTBANK West Bank and Water (December, 1997)
TIGRIS Tigris-Euphrates River Dispute, by Tevfik Emin Kor (November, 1997)
KASHMIRI Conflict and the Environment in Kashmir, by Jennifer Crook ICE Cases, December, 2000
DIAMOND-SL Diamond Registry and Sierra Leone Civil War, by Carl von Berneuth
CONGO Congo Diamonds and Domestic and International Conflict, by Nadia MartinezICE Cases, May, 2001
URANIUMDEPLETE Depleted Uranium in the Balkans, by Chris Danielewski
LIBERIADIAMONDS Liberia, Trade, Environment and Conflict, by Benjamin Hofstatter
SUDANSANCTIONS The Civil War in Sudan: The Human Price of Oil, by Sarah Sitarek
HAWAIIBOMBS Kaho'olawe: Cultural and Environmental Impacts of Military Bomb Testing in in Hawai'i, by Cheryl Lewis
BURMA-PIPE-CONFLICT Burma Gas Pipeline and Ethic Conflict (Cross Link to TED case), by Zaw Oo
ACEH, Aceh, Oil and Conflict, by Jeremy SchanckICE Cases, December, 2001
AMPHETAMINE, Amphetamines Trade between Burma and Thailand, by May Aung
CONGO-COLTAN, Congo War and the Role of Coltan, by Natalie Ware
ICEMAN The Iceman (Cross Link to TED Case 647), by Gisella Casanovas
CHINA-NUCLEAR Nuclear Energy: A US/China Trade Issue (Cross-link to TED Case 659) , by Melanie MorkICE Cases, May, 2002
NICARAGUA-HONDURAS Nicaragua and Honduras Territorial Dispute, by Rebecca DeMar (June 2002)
URANIUM-TRAINING Uranium and US Overseas Military Training, by Jusuf Fuduli (June 2002)
CHECHNYA Chechnya Conflict and Environmental Implications, by Christopher Ingold (June 2002)
VINELAND Vikings and Native American Conflict in the New World, by Jim Lee (June 2002)
KOREA-JAPAN-ISLANDS Korea and Japan Island Dispute, by Kunwoo Kim (June 2002) TED Cross Listings, June, 2002
TEAK Teak Deforestation and Trade in Southeast Asia and Conflict (Cross Link to TED Case 200), by Kevin T. Kunkel and Teri Emmons (June 1995)
LANDMINE Landmines, Cleanup and Trade (Cross link the TED case 295), by Sean D. Morris (June 1996)
INDOBANG India-Bangladesh Dispute on the Ganges River, by xxx
MEKONG Mekong Dam in Laos and Environmental Impacts (Cross link to TED case 258), by Paul F. Macek (January 1996)
CANCOD Canada Cod Case (Cross link to TED case 13), by James Benseler (September 1992)
PAPUA Papua New Guinea Gold Mining, Exports and Environmental Impacts (Cross Link to TED case 177), by Michael Booth and Alyssa Bleck (January 1995)
TURBOT Canada and Spain Fishing Feud (Cross Link to TED Case 114), by Thomas Jandl (January 1994)
ABUMUSA Abu Musa Island, Sovereignty Claims and Environmental Resources (Link to TED case 369), by W. Corbett Dabbs (January 1997)
RUSSNUKE Russia Nuclear Technology Exports to India (Cross Link to TED case 342), by Mark A. Scheuer (June 1996)
HAITI Haiti Sanctions and Economic Impact (Cross Link to TED case 389), by Jeff Lynch (June 1996)
IRAQSANC Iraqi Sanctions and Economic Impact (Cross Link to TED case 390), by Jeff Lynch (June 1996) ICE Cases, December, 2003
SATELLITE-DRIFTNETS Over Fishing and the Use of Satellites in Monitoring and Protecting the Fish Population, by Anthony M. Kopetchny (January 2003)
SENEGAL-MAURITANIA Roots of Conflict Between Senegal and Mauritania, by Bremmer Kneib
HADRIAN Hadrian's Wall, by Chris Zweifel
OLIVE-TREE Uprooting Olive Trees in the West Bank, by Atyah Alwazir
NEANDERTHAL Neanderthal Extinction and Climate Change, by James Lee
MAYA The Decline of the Mayan Empire and Climate Change, by Matthew Markowitz
ANASAZI Anasazi, Water and their Disappearance, by Matthew Markowitz
ROBINHOOD Robin Hood and Conflict over Forest Resources, by James Lee
LEBANON-LANDMINE Lebanon and Landmines, by Ibrahim Debbas
LIBERIA-AMERICA Repatriates to Africa and Links to Current Civil Conflict, by Kimberly Jackson
MINDANAO The Conflict in Mindanao, Terrorism, and Environmental Factors, by Alyson SlackICE Cases, December, 2004
AMUR Amur River and Russia and China Territorial Dispute (TED Cross List), by Kung Mao Ya
VIEQUES Viegues, Puerto Rico, and War Testing, by David Faust
DIEGO-GARCIA Diego Garcia and Human Rights in Conflict, by Joshua Harris
BARENTS Barents Sea and Norway's and Russia's Claims, by Randi Laegreid
TALIBAN-POPPY Taliban, Poppy Trade and Support for Conflict, by Alison Lawlor
LANKA-CONFLICT, Sri Lanka Civil War Conflict and Environment, by Kurt Brockman and Ryan Walkiewicz
AQUIFER, Deep Aquifers and Sovereign Claims Underground of Nations, by Benjamin Long
OPIUM-BURMA, Opium Trade and Burma, by Ivan Obetsanov, Chris Rutherford, and Steve Sommer
ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Land Conflict, by Sammi Green
CONGO-WOOD Congo, Charcoal and Conflict Resources, by Rensselear Resch
TYROL Tyrol and Land , by Sonia Steinbrech
CABINDA Cabinda Enclave in Angola, Oil and Conflict, by Alan Neff
JAPAN-OIL Japan, World War II and the Need for Oil, by Yuichi Arima
CONFLICT-TIMBER Conflict over Timber Resources in Indonesia, by Joshua KleymeyerTED Cross Listings, July 2005
ATATURK Turkey, Ataturk Dam and Downstream Disputes, by Nathan Martz (TED Cross-list #186)
BENIN Benin and Nuclear Disposal, by Senamede Beheton (TED Cross-list #192)
ARCTIC Impact of USSR Nuclear Testing on Arctic Sea, by Hilde Elin Haaland, Chad Cummins and ShehuIbrahim (TED Cross-list #204)
JAPANSEA Impact of USSR Nuclear Testing on Japan Sea, by Takashi Morioka (TED Cross-list #255)
KOMSO Russian Nuclear Disaster and Environment Impact, by Vincent P. Bonner (TED Cross-list #267)
LUCKY US Hydrogen Bomb Tests and Fish and Human Impacts, by Atsuko Toi (TED Cross-list #310)
PACIFICO Oil in Pacifico Region of Colombia and Indigenous Rights, by Lina Betancourt (TED Cross-list #494)
LATVIAOIL Latvia and Russia Dispute and Oil Trade, by Anna Ferus (TED Cross-list #505)
RUSSOIL Russian Oil, Indigenous People and Environment, by Sarah Shields (TED Cross-list #499)
GUMARAB Guam Arab Trade and Support for Terror in Sudan, by Daniel K. Kim (TED Cross-list #507)
MALACCA Malacca Straits and Environment and Conflict Aspects, by Sharina Gan Suat Ling ( (TED Cross-list #573)
NATO NATO and Use of Uranium in Military Operations, by Joe Lumpkin (TED Cross-list #581)
IRANPIPELINE Iran to India Pipeline, Conflict and Environment, by Shamila N. Chaudhary (TED Cross-list #611)
JAMES James Bay, Electric Power and Conflict with Indigenous Groups, by Mary-Ellen Foley and Andrew Hamm (TED cross-list #91)
CHOCOLATE-SLAVE Chocolate and Slavery: Child Labor in the Ivory Coast, by Samlanchith Chanthavong (TED cross-list #664)ICE Cases, August, 2005
PLAGUE The Bubonic Plague and the Impact on Venice, by Cara Murphy
ARMADA The Spanish Armada Destruction, by Cerena Mitchell
POMPEII The Destruction of Pompeii and Impact on Roman Empire, by Jackie Gonzalez
NOAH Noah, the Flood, and Water as a Weapon, by Leika Lewis
TUAREG Tuaregs and Civil Conflict in West Africa, by Ann Hershkowitz
KIRKUK Ethnic Conflict and Oil in Iraq, by Raul Burgos
NARMADA The Narmada Dam and Ethnic Conflict in India, by Talib Ellison
ZULU The Zulu and British Wars, by Melissa Barkalow
YANOMAMI The Yanomami in Brazil's Amazon and Conflict, by Stephanie Bier
URRA Urra Dam in Colombia, by Regina Kreger
CHIAPAS-BIOPIRACY The Chiapas Conflict and Bio-Piracy, by Andrew Willis
SAAR German and French Conflict over Alsace, by Sam HenzeICE Cases, December, 2005
ORCHID-WASTE Nuclear Waste Dumping On Orchid Island in Taiwan, by Hui-Yun Chung
KATRINA Hurricane Katrina and Violence, by Jessica Hulse
INDIA-CHINA India and China Border Dispute , by Yuki Kawaguchi
PARANA Land Conflict Use in the Parana Area of Brazil, by Laura Molinari
NIGERIA-CAMEROON Nigeria and Cameroon Kasi Region Border Dispute, by Felicia Price
PYGMY Pygmies in the Congo Basin and Conflict, by Raja Seshadri
TSUNAMI-ACEH The Impact of the Asian Tsunami on the Conflict in Aceh in Indonesia, by Svetlana Sinitchkina
BOLIVIA-GAS The Role of Gas in Bolivian Civil Unrest, by Jason Wilcox
GOBI The Southward Spread of the Gobi Desert and Civil Unrest in China, by Li Zeng ICE Cases, May, 2006
BAGLIHAR Baglihar Dam, by Usman Ahmad
PANAMA-CANAL The Panama Canal and the U.S. Columbia War, by Benjamin Bodnar
SARAYACU Not In My Backyard! The Sarayaku's Fight Against Oil Development in the Ecuadorian Amazon , by Karyn Butcher
MOHENJO , Mohenjo-Daro, Aryan Invasions and Shifting Environments, by Jim Lee
BOLIVIA-CHILE Conflict in the Atacama, by Jacqueline Carpenter
ITURI Gold and Ethnic Conflict in the Ituri Region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, by Kristin Drake
AZTEC Cortés and Aztec Gold: Initial Conflict and Modern Political Ecology, by Stuart Matthews
TIBET Environmental Degradation in the Tibetan Autonomous Region, by Patrick T. Hughes
KOREA-DAM North Korean Dam and Security Aspects, by Sgt. Sungwoon Kang
GUATEMALA-BELIZE The UK Dispute with Guatemala over Belize, by Jennifer Meyer
KHUZHESTAN Khuzestan: Oil, Ethnicity, and Conflict in Iran, by Gregory Noll
ARMENIA-FOREST Armenian Independence and Deforestation, by Diana Piloyan Boudjikanian
OSSETIA South Ossetian Separatism in Georgia, by Rebecca Ratliff
DIVINE-WIND The Mongol Invasion of Japan: The "Divine Wind" Case , by Debbie Royal
MOLDOVA Transnistria-Moldova Conflict, by Olga Savceac
XINJIANG Ethnic Conflict and Natural Resources: Xinjiang, China , by ICE Research Team
TSUNAMI-THAILAND The Impact of the Asian Tsunami on Southern Thailand Religious Strife ,by Erin Teeling
NORTHWEST-PASSAGE Canadian Sovereignty at the Northwest Passage , by Alicia Zorzetto
CHOSIN Chinese Winter Offensive in Korean War: The Debacle of American strategy , by Kanoko TokunoTED Cross Listings, 2006
AZERI, Azerbaijan and Oil, by Michael Goulet (TED case #156 cross list)
KAZAKH, Kazakstan and Oil, by Vincent Bonner (TED case #256 cross list)
CASPOIL, Caspian Sea and Disputes over Sovereignty, by Kathy Lalazarian (TED case #404 cross list)
MONO, The Los Angeles Aqueduct and the Owens and Mono Lakes, by Kevin Neal (TED case #379 cross list)
PENAN, The Penan of the Borneo Rain Forest, by Karine Roche (TED case #583 cross list) ICE Cases, December, 2006
TASMANIA, Tasmania and the European Invasion, by Rehan Ali
NIGER-LOCUST, Plagues in Niger, by Christina Kaiser
FRENCH-INDIAN, The French and Indian War and Resources, by Katelyn C. Keegan
NICARAGUA, Environmental Effects of Nicaraguan Armed Conflicts, by Ellie Klerlein
DARFUR, The Darfur Conflict and Drought, by Kathryn Milani
SAUDI-YEMEN, Saudi Arabia and Yemen Border Dispute, by Chris Murphy
DARIEN, The Spillover Effect of the Colombian Conflict: Ecological Damage in the Darién Gap, by Sara Trab Nielsen
ERITREA-ETHIOPIA, Eritrea and Ethiopia Continual Conflict, by Jon Stephenson ICE Cases, May, 2007
KURD-WATER, Turkey, Dams, Kurds and Conflict Within and Between Countries, by Navid Ahdieh
SOMALIA-COAL, Somalia Coal Production, Deforestation and the Recent Conflict, by Zachary Baxter
MADAGASCAR, Madagascar Deforestion versus Agriculture Conflict, by Christopher Britton
NILE-2020, Future Demands on Nile River Water and Egyptian National Security, by Hans Catchcart
CHILE-ARGENTINA, Chile and Argentina Border Dispute in a Changing Climate, by Jennay Ghowrwal
BRAHMAPUTRA, India and China Dispute on Brahmaputra River Waters, by Ryan Hodum
MALDIVES, Maldives and Sea Level Rise, by Justin Hoffmann
ANKORWAT, Ankor Wat and Climate Change, by Udom Hong
KASHMIR-GLACIER, Kashmir, Glaciers and Warming, by Samantha Hulkower
HAITI-HURRICANE, Climate Change, Extreme Events, and Haiti, by Sterling Johnson
TUVALU, Tuvalu and Rising Sea Levels, by Jasmine Jones
CLOUD, Chinese Cloud Seeding (Not Available), by Spencer Lewis
DUTCH-SEA, Netherlands Attempts to Defeat Rising Seas, by Vanessa McKinney
SINGAPORE, Singapore's Dependence on Malaysia for Water, by Stephen Morris
BERBER, Berber and Arab Historical Conflict, by Jon Phillips
ANTARCTICA, Antarctica, Ownership, and Climate Change, by Jason Rancatuore
LEBANON-WAR, Impact of Hezbollah and Israel War on Environment, by Andriy Shevstov
CANADA-EEZ, Expansion of Canada's EEZ, by Alicia Marrs
MEKONG-CHINA, The Drying of the Mekong River, by Nargiza Salidjanova

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