segunda-feira, 9 de maio de 2011

Os enormes riscos associados à electrónica

Pressente-se no ar, na internet, na política um empenho e apoio ao nuclear. Na minha óptica a troco de democratização das consolas e LCD e parafernália de gadgets electrónicos. Leiam então este dossiê e perguntem a vocês mesmos se vale a pena "debater" o nuclear? Estas geringonças (Ipad, Ipod, a variedade de telemóveis, LCD, consolas, etc) serão mesmo, mesmo necessárias?

Apple: the hidden costs of your iPad and iPhone
It may have billion-pound profits and gushing praise for technological innovation but Apple is increasingly in the spotlight over its labour rights and environmental record
Computer companies breaking promises on toxins
Greenpeace's most recent green electrics guide shows that PC manufacturers are still not meeting their obligations in terms of phasing out toxic substances
The Story of Stuff: Electronics
The latest film from the 'Story of Stuff' team focuses on consumer electronics and the problems of waste, recycling and toxic components
Mobile phone safe radiation guide published
US agency publishes radiation ranking for top brands including Motorola, Blackberry and Apple iPhone
Low-cost e-waste recycling in China releasing catalogue of pollutants
The world's growing waste mountain of mobile phones, computers and other electronic goods is being illegally recycled in unregulated and primitive conditions in China and causing significant toxic pollution
Mobile phone metals fuelling Congo war
Technology companies should be honest with customers about the origin of the metals in their products, says NGO Global Witness

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