terça-feira, 13 de outubro de 2009

Foto do dia: foto vencedora do British Wildlife Photography Awards, 24 de Setembro de 2009: libélula

A stark but stunning image of a damselfly in silhouette has landed its creator with the title of British Wildlife Photographer of the year.The shot, of the insect clinging to a dew-flecked reed, won photographer Ross Hoddinott a prize of £5,000 in the inaugural British Wildlife Photography Awards.It was competing against an array of dazzling images which included a flock of birds amassing above a service station canopy and a deer bathed in golden dawn light.

photo of the British Wildlife Photographer winner

Compelling: the judges awarded photographer Ross Hoddinott first prize for his image of a damselfly silhouette

Judge Sue Herdman, editor of the National Trust Magazine, said of the winner's work: We were looking for a winning image that stood out as the most memorable and striking.Almost monochrome in tone, this beautiful silhouette is both intriguing and haunting, with a delicate composition and admirable clarity.

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