quarta-feira, 12 de março de 2008

Avaliação da acção Blog Action Day

Blog Posts, Audience Numbers, Facts
Measuring an initiative like Blog Action Day is difficult. In 2007 we asked bloggers to register their blogs and a rough count of RSS subscribers. It is worth remembering that RSS subscriber numbers are only one half of the readership of a blog. Many and in some cases all of a blog's readership will simply be visitors to the site. The real reach of Blog Action Day is far greater than the number below.

20,603 Blog Participated
23,327 Blog Posts (
Google Blog Search)
14,631,038 RSS Readers
19 of Technorati's Top 100 blogs

October 15th saw a flood of blog posts. The best ways to find them are through
Google Blog Search or for larger blogs, use Technorati's Authority Search. Here are a few of the types of post that showcase how Blog Action Day brought out ideas and ingenuity that tapped into niche audience interests.
Build your own mean, green computing machine - DownloadSquad
BadBuster Helps You Identify the Greenest Companies - Read/Write Web
How to Green Your Electronics - Lifehacker
Optimized code could help reduce global warming - Polygeek
The Butterfly Effect and the Environment: How Tiny Actions Can Save the World - Copyblogger
Items you Never Thought to Recycle - Dumb Little Man
SEOMoz goes Carbon Neutral, you can too! - SEOMoz

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