domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

Ainda os cravos transgénicos - vale a pena as petições

Cravos Azuis (Moon Aqua TM)

Dear signers of the petition on Moon Aqua TM

The ministry of the Dutch Environment (VROM) has send me a letter in which they tell me that there will be a hearing on 30th of September in the Hague at 10 o'clock in the morning about Moon Aqua TM.

You can, if you represent an organisation or institution in the EU, that is against GMO's and have signed the petition for your organization, the petition, which I have put on my website, write your objections down reffering the carnation. I can read and speak them out for you at the hearing if you want to give me your written permission with your signature ( PD, by e-mail) to do so that I will represent you as authorized representative. This hearing is free of charge. After that you can go to The Counsul of State and send a appeal to the court ( Dutch: "beroepschrift"). This costs about euro 300. You needn't be there in person when the case is held. That is all what can be done.

Also see my press release below and thank you again for your support!

4th of September: Petition is over!
Press Release
Portuguese - and other European citizens don't like lilac/blue GMO-carnations!
Recently I wrote a petition against a GMO-carnation with changed colour, named Moonaqua TM of Florigene, as a spokeswoman of the European GMO-free Citizens to the Dutch Ministry of Environment. People asked me to translate it into English.
I also asked several people to translate a short text on the carnation into Portuguese, German, Italian and French. A lot of Portuguese reacted on my call, which was put on my website, to undersign my petition. It appears that the carnation is the symbol of Portugal because of the carnation revolution of 1974. In no time I have found 20 Portuguese sites) where my petition was mentioned ( "uma petição sobre cravos OGM com a cor alterada"). See also Jornal de Notícias (at the moment, 1rst of September 2009, visited 1370 times). More reactions came from Brazil, Mauritius, USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South-Africa, Cyprus, the Philippines, UK, Scotland, Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Poland and the Netherlands. People like dr. Mae-Wan Ho (UK, she has put a link of my petition and a story on it with a call up to sign it on the site of ISIS , ) and Prof. R. Cummins (Canada) of ISIS, Institute of Science in Society signed the petition themselves as well as Mrs. Jadwiga Lopata, from Poland, winner of the Goldman Prize (eco- Nobelprice) and vice president ICPPC , and Sir Julian Rose president of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside; more signees are Le Centre d'Information sur l'Environnement France; Scarborough Against Genetic Engineering (SAGE) ; Ludovic Desbrus président de Agri Bio Ardèche (Ardèche France); Sebastian Mezger von RAPUNZEL NATURKOST AG; de OGM dangers organisation from France: and la Confédération Paysanne, sa commission OGM ; and Union of International Associations from Brussels . Several Dutch foundations signed, which are un- subsidised and therefore independent.
See my more extensive petition on this site (Dutch).

Kind regards,

Miep Bos, spokeswoman of the European GMO-free Citizens

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