sexta-feira, 19 de julho de 2013

Documentário expõe o pesado e terrível legado da aplicação do DDT

3 Billion and Counting, Produced/ written/ directed by D. Rutledge Taylor, Los Angeles, California: Frogbite Productions, 102 minutes (produced in 2010).

Most people will complain indignantly of government corruption and foreign atrocities and end by shaking their heads in discouragement. Not so with D. Rutledge Taylor. Known to his patients as “Dr. Rutledge,” this California physician learned that malaria claims the lives of one million people every year in poor countries because governments prevent them from using the only known antidote, and he took a different tack. Hoping to right the wrong, he hired a video production crew and traveled around the world to chronicle the devastation of a decades-old bureaucratic ban on the insecticide DDT.

Dr. Rutledge specializes in preventive medicine and was researching ways to ward off West Nile Virus in 2004, the year cases surged in California. He discovered that malaria, another infectious disease transmitted by insects, is far more prevalent in today’s world than any other communicable illness. In search for a solution, he asked some colleagues, and what he found horrified him.
Fonte: The New American

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