domingo, 3 de julho de 2022

Música do BioTerra: Eivør - Í Tokuni

In the mist

Walking in the mist
Alone in the deep silence
Can´t see any cairns
Gone are all the houses
I call out but no one answers

In between the gaps
In the mist-clad night
I sense shadows
Seems as though something is moving there
I call out but no one answers me

Friend, friend can you see me
Walking here in the mist
Have you wandered as i have
In the silence deep as death

Did you see the street lights
Shining in the village
Did you see what they did there
Do you remember what the state of things were
Was anyone looking for me

Have you as I have
Walked in the mist
Strayed from the beaten path
Near the mountain edge
Do you know this loneliness

Friend, friend do you understand me
Do you know any secret path
Have you wandered as I have
in the endless uncertainty

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