sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2016

Curta-metragem - Conversa entre duas aves

Watch a conversation between two birds (raven and snowy owl) on a golf course

A Raven and a Snowy Owl. Jersey City on Liberty National Golf Course

Explicação por Bernd Heinrich
Carta de Bernd Heinrich, premiado naturalista, que escreveu "The Mind of the Raven" enviada ao autor deste video, John Dustan:
Hi John, 
The first thing to notice is that the owl is TOTALLY unimpressed. It's not scared in the least, and the raven has no aggerssive intentions, but starts out being just curious- like: "what the hell is This!" So it tests - tries to get a reaction. But the owl still stays totally nonchalent. At some point the raven then tries a different tactic- it puts on its "I'm a big guy" display of erect "ear" feathers- usually used to show status in the presence of potential superiors, but here used also with a bowing and wing-flaring,which is used in supplication if there is NOT going to be a challenge- so, yes, i think the raven was having fun, and then also starting to have some respect, because this big white thing was NOT going to cooperate and be its toy.

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