domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Música do Bioterra: Damien Jurado - I Am Still Here

I stood alone there in the driveway
Till I saw your headlights fade
Burn out like stars
A Chevrolet train that rolls in the night

I must have had a hundred nightmares
Of you falling asleep at the wheel
I send my prayers
Where are you now?
I am still here and going nowhere

Here is a photo of our first baby
Here is a photo of our wedding day
Nothing has changed
My love still the same
I am still here and here I remain

When you come back we'll have a party
We'll hang up the christmas lights
You'll be my bride
I'll be your groom
I miss you so much please make it home soon

Your mother said that you called this morning
"Tell him I love him, but won't be returning"

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