domingo, 16 de outubro de 2016

Música do Bioterra: Kill It Kid- Wild and Wasted Waters

Animação/ Curta-metragem por Matthew Robinson, com desenhos de Astrid Jaekel

(Strange things happening in the land.
Wars going on. Hold our heart to mourn.
Strange things happening in the land.)

Wild and wasted waters.
(Strange things happening)
Wild and wasted waters.
(Wars going on.)
Have come to carry me, carry me on.

Carry me on, my mother's prayers.
Dark waters have come to carry my cares,
So take me on my mother's prayers.
Don't you leave no candle to burn. I leave with the waves, 'neath the stern.

Wild and wasted waters.
Have come to carry me on.

I'll leave with the evening on my breath.
You'll find my letters when I've left.
I'm gonna leave. The evening on my breath.

I won't remember the fires of home
Won't remember the fires of my home.
My homeless bones churn them ragged stones.
I won't remember fires of my home.
May the sickness of my heart be told.
Let it bleed out in the coffee shop and stagger in the road.

Carry me on, carry me on,
Carry me - yes, on.

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