sábado, 20 de agosto de 2016

Música do BioTerra: Sóley - Pretty Face

"A felicidade de um amigo deleita-nos. Enriquece-nos. Não nos tira nada. Caso a amizade sofra com isso, é porque não existe"- Jean Cocteau

I see my pretty face in his old eyes
I listen to our blood run side by side
I throw my hands to you
and run away
It's so cold so dangerous that I can't stay

I run away from you
Into your dream I lose the one
That I was in when you told me
That I could never meet my friends

I thought I touched them but I can’t feel the pain in
your dream
They want to take me but I will hide from them
Tonight I take your life and throw it far away
I use my pretty face to find my way to him

Will you be my friend in my dream?
Take that pretty face off show me

Will we ever have a baby?
Take that pretty face off show me

Are you my friend?

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