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Música do BioTerra: Peter Murphy- Your Face (Live) - This track is just gorgeous.

"Sempre se deve antes escolher paz do que guerra, principalmente quando na guerra é tão certa a ruína" - Padre António Vieira

Síria‬ ‪‎Turquia‬ ‪Curdistão‬ ‪‎Iraque‬ ‪Irão‬ ‪Jordânia‬ ‪Afeganistão‬ ‪Iemen‬ ‪‎Arabia Saudita‬ ‪‎Israel‬ ‪Palestina‬ ‪‎Egipto‬ ‪Etiopia‬ ‪‎Nigeria‬ ‪Mali‬ ‪Sudão‬ ‪Saara Ocidental‬ ‪Tunísia‬  Líbia Marrocos Paquistão...

Peter Murphy in a Live performance of Your Face at the 2009 self knowledge and global responsibility symposium. Recorded at The Beshara School Chisholme House.
  • the Vastearth Orchestra and guitarist John Andrews.
  • Backing Vocal : Kirsten Morrison
  • Strings arranged by Chris Brierley of VEO. Violins: Chris Brierley. Cello: Doris Earthling
Rroads, ruins , revolutions , rain Video shot in Turkey on the Beshara School Turkey trip in December 2009. Directed and edited by Aaron Cass.

Chagal Peace Window in the United Nations building, New York

Water Lily freedom
Where does the spirit lay?
Freedom, lying in shadows of light and clay

I trace your feet like transparent thrones
I dream of your clinging, I am not alone
I glide with you, draw you with kole
You paint the river, I am not alone

That lover in the crash
That scent lingers now
Your face
Your face

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