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Da lista dos 50 melhores blogues nomeados pelo BioBlogging, seleccionei a lista dos melhores sobre Evolução

Biology and Evolution, Culture, Genomics [fonte: BioBlogging]

  1. DNA and You: Dr. Matt Mealiffe talks about the “intersection of genetics and your health.”
  2. Gene Sherpas: Personalized Medicine and You: This blog explores genetics as a medical tool and as a personal lifestyle choice.
  3. Geneforum: Geneforum is a nonprofit affiliate of the Portland State University Foundation created in 1998 to “promote dialogue at the intersection of genetics, ethics, and public values.”
  4. Genomeboy: Read as this blogger chronicles the “dawn of personal genomics, that is, people obtaining their genomic information for whatever reason(s) and figuring out what to do with it.”
  5. Genomicron: T. Ryan Gregory is an evolutionary biologist specializing in genome size evolution at the University of Guelph in Canada.
  6. Genomics, Evolution, and Pseudoscience: This is Steven Salzberg’s blog on what he believes are the abuses and distortions of science, especially pseudoscience.
  7. Greg Laden’s Blog: It seems creationists and Harvard haters don’t like Dr. Laden. Who does? Perhaps intelligent archaeologists and/or anthropologists who are into biology and evolution?
  8. John Hawks Weblog: This blog was created to share information about paleoanthropology that is not well covered in the mainstream science press.
  9. Next-Gen Sequencing: Dr Brown is an author of 28 peer reviewed publications in biomedical journals. His research is primarily in the area of genomics.
  10. Pathogens: Genes and Genomes: A heady mix of bacterial pathogenomics, next-generation sequencing, type-III secretion, bioinformatics and evolution.
  11. The Hyphal Tip: This blog highlights some of the interesting happenings and scientific progress that is being made in the world of fungi.
  12. The Tree of Life: Jonathan A. Eisen is an evolutionary biologist, Open Access advocate, Professor at UC Davis and Academic Editor in Chief of PLoS Biology.
  13. Virtual Genome Project Blog: The VGP was established as a resource for people interested in the process of horizontal gene transfer (HGT) and its ecological and evolutionary significance.
  14. Yann Klimentidis’ Weblog: Follow this student to learn more about evolution, genetics, human diversity, evolutionary ecology, physiology and more

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